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Today, I will only be talking about the revelation because it is so important, I want to shine some light on it alone.


Lady Khadejah(RA) and Mohammed ﷺ have now been married for fifteen years. Their lives are full with their children, her business and their normal day-to-day social responsibilities. All throughout these fifteen years, Mohammed ﷺ used to go to the cave at Mount Hira to worship Allah. He used to spend long periods of time there, sometimes over a month, which was made possible by Lady Khadejah(RA) always bringing him food and necessities.

One day, Mohammed ﷺ returned from the cave shivering from fear, repeatedly asking Lady Khadejah (RA) to cover him. When she asked him what was wrong, he told her, “I feared for my life.” (He meant that he was afraid that he encountered a devil or jinn). Without knowing what happened Lady Khadejah (RA) immediately replied, “Never! By Allah, Allah will never disgrace you. You keep good relations with your kith and kin, help the poor and the destitute, serve your guests generously and assist the poverty stricken ones.”

Mohammed ﷺ started telling Lady Khadejah(RA) what happened to him in the cave. He said he was sitting in the cave when an angel suddenly embraced him so forcefully, pressed him so hard and said “Read.” Mohammed ﷺ replied, “I do not know how to read.” He then released him and embraced him once more so tightly Mohammed ﷺ thought it was his death. The angel repeated, “Read.” Mohammed ﷺ replied, “I do not know how to read.” Again, the angel pressed him so tightly and said, “Read.” Mohammed ﷺ finally replied, “ What shall I read?”

The angel said, “Read In the Name of Your Lord Who Created. Created Man From Clots. Read and Your Lord is The Most Honorable.” {Holy Quran, 96:1-3}

And just like the angel arrived, he suddenly disappeared, leaving Mohammed ﷺ once more alone in the darkness of the remote cave, frightened. Mohammed ﷺ ran home to the one and only person who would comfort him; the one and only person he wanted to tell, his wife.

Lady Khadejah(RA), upon hearing this story, knew that there was someone who would be able to explain the meaning of these events. Her cousin Waraqah Ibn Nawfal, was blind man who was a scholar of the Torah and used to tell her stories of the prophet of the end of times. So she immediately took her shaking husband to see Waraqah and Mohammed ﷺ related the story to him

Upon hearing what happened to Mohammed ﷺ, Waraqah replied, “This is the same tradition which Allah has sent to Musa (Moses) and Isa (Jesus). This angel is Jibril (Gabriel) and you are the prophet of this nation.” As this statement started to sink in with Mohammed ﷺ and Lady Khadijah (RA), Waraqah added, “I wish I was young and strong at a time when your people will drive you out.”

“Would they drive me out?” asked Mohammed ﷺ.

“Any man who came with something similar to what you will come with was treated with hostility and if I should remain alive until the day when you will be driven out, then I would support you strongly,” replied Waraqa.

Lady Khadejah(RA) and Prophet Mohammed ﷺ left Waraqa’s house that night their lives completely changed by his statement and the earlier course of events. They were now aware how difficult the road ahead was going to be, but they also knew how important it was. But that knowledge couldn’t have prepared them for the course of the next few years.

And so it begins………


Next week, you will be able to see just how important Lady Khadejah(RA) was to the beginning of the spread of Islam. You will see how important it was that she was a strong independent woman and a supportive wife. We are so indebted to her.

*(since I am in no way capable of making tafseer, this is not that. These are just my thoughts on one small aspect of the importance of this word in thinking about our time at the moment. The word Read in this verse of the Quran and its profound meaning for Mohammed ﷺ in the cave and for Muslims is much grander.)

READ. The first word that ever came down from the Quran and it was no coincidence. Not only was it the first word, but it was repeated three times. There is huge significance in not just the ability to read but making the choice to do so. How many people in our time do you know that like to read? How many people do you know that read about their own history, culture, and religion instead of taking it from a foreign source? How much ignorance is surrounding us in our time just for the simple reason that people do not read? Most importantly, how many people can read the Quran and understand it? READ. Allah is speaking to us here. And it doesn’t mean get a university degree and that’s it. It means continue doing external reading on your field of study for as long as you live. It means continue reading about your religion so that when someone comes at you with an attack, you know how to properly defend it. It means read so that you can teach your children the importance of the pursuit of knowledge. The order to read was just as significant 1400 years ago as it is now. No matter how much technology changes, the more reading you do, the more distance you put between yourself and ignorance.

*Remember last week how we said that Lady Khadejah(RA) did it first. Well here is another first: she was the first person to become follow Islam from Mohammed’sﷺ hands. A woman was the first Muslim. When he was scared and distraught from the cave, she was the person that he wanted to go to. He didn’t go to Abu Bakr or to his uncle Abu Talib, which he could have easily done. He went to his wife who was the first to support him and the first to follow in his religion. So who can deny the significance of women in Islam?

*It is important to note here that Prophet Mohammed ﷺ was called the “prophet of this nation” or as we commonly refer to him, the prophet of all mankind. This is because while the other prophets were sent for a specific group of people, for a specific time, Mohammed ﷺ was sent for all mankind for all future generations. {“We have not sent you except as a bringer of good tidings and a warner unto mankind, but most of mankind know not”} (Surah Saba 34,28)

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  1. SubhanAllah…I’m already in love with ur writings Tasneem 🙂 hatsoff to you for sharing this story andreminding us how great these women and men were! I cried while reading part two of the story as I love and care for my husband and he does too in return but its nothing near to what our Prophet Muhammad( PBUH) and Hazrat Khadeja(R.A) shared 🙂 may Allah guide and hep us improve in every aspect of our life…Jazak Allah

    P.S cant wait for tomorrow to read the next part…keep it coming gurl, I’m gonna share it on FB!

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