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Writing this last post on Lady Khadejah was very emotional for me. She has been part of the blog from the beginning and although there are some really wonderful Friday series to come, I am really going to miss her presence. Her example is one that can be applied to any woman at any stage of her life and I hope that she can be an inspiration to you all, through your good times and bad. Although this will be her las time on Mosaic, let it not be that last time she comes to your mind. Bring her with you everywhere and try to emulate and embrace her in your actions.


The boycott is over now and the Muslims can finally go home and try to put their lives back together. Lady Khadejah (RA) stood by her husband through the struggles and hardships and helped to take care of all the people who had followed his message. The prophet ﷺ was extremely grateful to her, and he wasn’t the only one. One day, Angel Gabriel descended upon Prophet Mohammed ﷺ and said,

“That is Khadejah bringing you a vessel containing food or drink. When you see her, convey to her salutations from her Lord and from me and give her the glad tidings of as house in Paradise made of hollowed out pearl, in which there is neither noise or fatigue.” When Prophet Mohammed ﷺ relayed this to her, she said, “Verily, Allah is peace and upon Gabriel be his peace and upon you his peace, mercy and blessings.”

At this time, Lady Khadejah (RA) was 65 years old and the long boycott and the time spent in the valley had taken a toll on her health. It was not long before she fell ill and her illness became steadily worse. Mohammed ﷺ felt her pain and he was by her side, comforting her, encouraging her to be patient, supporting her and reminding her of the palace that will await her in Paradise. He continued soothing her until the moment when her noble soul departed and she passed away in his arms.

At her funeral, Prophet Mohammed descended into the grave and placed her in it himself, wanting to be the one who buried her. The year that followed was called The Year of Grief. It was the same year that Abu Taleb, his uncle, also passed away. Without Lady Khadejah (RA) to support him, the dawah slowed down. Instead of having someone to comfort him from his naysayers, he would come home to an empty house, to his daughters who reminded him so much of the love he had lost. The Muslims were so worried about their Prophet as they saw him being consumed with overpowering grief.

About a year after her death, a lady companion suggested to Mohammed ﷺ that he get married as it would be beneficial for him to have a woman help him raise his daughters. Upon hearing this, Mohammed ﷺ started to cry and said no woman can resemble Khadejah (RA). The woman immediately regretted saying anything.

Even years later when he eventually did start to marry, as much as he deeply loved his other wives, especially Aisha, he never stopped loving Lady Khadejah (RA). Aishah (RA) narrated that not a single day went by when Mohammed ﷺ didn’t mention Lady Khadejah (RA) and praise her. Aisha (RA) said that she has never been jealous of another wife the way she was jealous of Lady Khadejah (RA).  One day, her jealousy got the best of her and she said, “Why do you keep thinking about that old woman when Allah has given you one in her place younger and better than she is?” This statement made Prophet Mohammed ﷺ extremely angry and he replied,

“No! By Allah, Allah has not given me one better than she! She believed in me when all others disbelieved; she held me truthful when all other called me a liar; she sheltered me when others abandoned me; she comforted me when others shunned me; she shared her wealth with me when others denied me; Allah blessed me with children by her while deprived me of children by other women.”

Aishah (RA) wanting not to anger Mohammed ﷺ any more than she had replied, ”O Lord! If you remove your anger of your Messenger right now, I pledge not to ever speak ill of her as long as I live.” Mohammed ﷺ said, “Not until you ask forgiveness of Khadejah (RA).”

Fifteen years after Lady Khadejah’s (RA) death, the Muslims had conquered Mecca and as they arrived home, each one was begging the prophet ﷺ to stay at one of their homes. However, he kindly refused, asking them instead to set up a tent for him to sleep near Lady Khadejah’s (RA) grave. On that same day, as the Muslims were surrounding him congratulating him on the victory, Mohammed ﷺ was seen moving through the crowd and spreading his cloak on the ground for an old lady, with whom he sat and talked with for an hour. When Aisha (RA) asked him who the lady was, he told her it was a friend of Lady Khadejah’s (RA).

Another day, Mohammed ﷺ was sitting with Aisha (RA) when he heard a woman’s voice resembling Khadejah’s asking if she could come in. Mohammed (PBUH) immediately said, “Oh Allah, please let it be Hala (Khadejah’s sister)”. When he found that it was Hala, he welcomed her warmly saying, “Welcome, oh Khadejah’s sister!” Aisha (RA) narrated that whenever he slaughtered meat, or had any extra meat in the house, he would pass it out to his other wives and the poor but he would take extra care to present it to Lady Khadejah’s friends, “as if there was no other woman in the world but her.” And Mohammed (PBUH) would always say, “Her love was nurtured in my heart by Allah himself.”

Prophet Mohammed’s ﷺ strong love and high regard for his wife was so great, that she was considered as great as Mary. He said, “The best of her women(of her time) was Mary and the best of her women(at her time) was Khadejah.” Lady Khadejah (RA) and Mary were named of the four greatest women of all time, “Ali bin Abu Talib narrated that the Prophet ﷺ said ‘ Sufficient for you from the women of the world are Mary, daughter of Imran, Khadejah, daughter of Khuwaylid, Fatima, daughter of Mohammed, and Asiah, wife of Pharoah.

Mohammed ﷺ continued to love Lady Khadejah (RA) until the day he died, and we continue to love her today 1400 years later.


*There are several explanation that say why her palace in Paradise was specifically one where there is no “noise or fatigue.” Some scholars say it is because of all the negative heresay she endured and physical suffering while supporting her husbands message. Others say it is because she didn’t give him any “noise” or make him endure fatigue when he told her about his message. Either way, she deserves it big time.

*I know this has been an very emotional read, but I want to reiterate one more time. Lady Khadejah (RA) was considered one of four greatest women of all time. Lady Khadejah (RA) the strong, independent, business woman, loving wife, caring mother, resilient during hardship, outspoken in her community- basically what most modern women attain to be. So what message is Allah sending us here? Not that Muslim women are best when they stay in their house and leave only when necessary. Allah is telling us to be like Khadejah (RA), to be successful, take care of our families, have a goal, a message, a dream and act upon it. Support what is right and don’t be afraid to stand up against something wrong, no matter how much you suffer. Lets all think about how we can learn to adapt Khadejah’s (RA) ways into our own lives.

*Doesn’t their love story melt your heart? Allah is also showing us here the importance of choosing a spouse who is on the same page with you spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and religiously. Inshallah we all get blessed with a relationship as beautiful and well rounded as Khadejah (RA) and Mohammed ﷺ.

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  1. Amal Alganem Says: January 13, 2012 at 10:31 am

    Actually Tasneem, their story does not break your heart. It makes your heart strong and sure about what a relationship between husband and wife should be. Loved it so much, keep up the good work.

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  3. […] Part 5-The greatest love story of all time […]

  4. […] Part 5-The greatest love story of all time […]

  5. I know from this story we are suppose to learn what true love is between a man and women but i can’t help feeling a little sad for ayisha because she wanted that love from the prophet also. What are we suppose to learn from how the prophet dealt with his other wives? How is it that he can boast about lady khadejah (RA) to his other wives, making them jealous? Is there a meaning behind it?

    • Disclaimer: I am not a scholar so my understanding could be wrong.

      Now, I do not think that the Prophet ﷺ ever boasted about, well anything really. However, I think from what we can see here is something we always forget, that at the end of the day he was human and he had feelings that he couldn’t help. Now it is a known fact that all the wives were jealous of each other and this story is just saying that even though Khadejah (RA) wasnt alive among them, they were jealous of her too. We also know for a fact that he treated them equally and loved them all. However, the reason that Khadejah (RA) was so great to him was because
      1. He was married to her longer than any other wife
      2. She was with him from the beginning of Islam and was his biggest supporter
      3. She was the mother of his only children (besides Maria who gave birth to Ibrahim, but he passed away as a baby)
      4. His daughters reminded him of Khadejah (RA) everyday, especially Fatima (RA), in her character and possibly looks

      Every single one of the Prophet’s ﷺ marriages were for some kind of reason or lesson for us. He married Maria to show that Muslim men can marry Christian women, he married Sophia to show the Muslim men can marry Jewish women, he married Sowdah to show that there is nothing wrong with marrying widows, Zainab bint Jahsh’s marriage story had so many lessons for us and so on. Also the particular stories and incidences that happened with each one were important for us to pick up on.

      Aishah (RA) however, was special. He married her for many many reasons and she was his second greatest love after Khadijah (RA). You can read the series I wrote about Aishah (RA) to get more information. Aishah’s (RA) marriage is very important because the time that he married her was the start of fikh (Islamic Jurisprudence) and her hadith are vital in fikh about family and social relations.

      There was importance behind every marriage. You might read Aishah’s (RA) story and say why didnt he love his other wives as much as her. Or you might read another wives’ story and say the same thing.

      So that is the long explanation. Short explanation, he was human and their jealousy of each other just shows that they were also human, no matter how extraordinary they were.

      Subhannallah I am actually working on a new Friday Series that talks about all the wives. Keep looking out for it. Inshallah I hope to start posting it this coming Friday.

      I hope I answered your question. Let me know if you have any more.

  6. Iddie L Dean Says: October 3, 2012 at 12:20 am

    This is so touching a story with lots of inspiration and guidance. Infact one can try to emulate the examples, but with much blessings from Allah not otherwise. Allah said one would not be a rightly guided unless Allah wills. I pray that Allah increase my iman to at least 3/4 of this couple( Muhammad and Khadejah) had. Isha Allah

  7. Salmi farin Says: October 13, 2012 at 9:09 am

    I didn’t kno so much about Khadijah (ra)n the perpetual n strong love between our prophet Muhammad(saw) n Khadijah (ra).this is the best lOve story anyone can read.instead of reading fairytales lovestory people should be given this.I really appreciate n thank u sister for creating this blog.may ALLAH(SWT) bless u:)n I kno we shouldn’t care about any Abu jahl still I’m telling those who doubt our prophet(saw) character n says married Khadijah(ra) for money this post proves how much how much he loved her.this was heart whelming n very inspirational:)

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