The very creative Amena is most known for her Youtube videos in which she gives tutorials on her own hijab designs. Her videos gained such a large fan base that she started to sell the designs she created. As her customer base grew, she took her passion for designing hijabs and turned it into a business, Pearl Daisy, Ltd. Amena continues to make her Youtube videos that range from tutorials to introducing new Pearl Daisy products to Amena’s favorite things. Her Youtube fanbase are also her customers and some have become her good friends, specifically a group of girls with whom she created the International Hijabi Posse. Amena is a great example of what happens when Muslim women unite, inspire and encourage each other’s success.

     |1. When did you start making your youtube videos?

I made my first YouTube video in October 2009.

     |2. How did you get started designing hijabs?

I designed my first Hoojab a couple of years ago, a short while after I had began to adorn the hijab. I’ve always loved designing things from gadget “inventions” to clothing and accessories, so the Hoojab was something that I sewed as part of a number of projects I had going on. It was basically a hijaab with a hood on one end, and lots of fabric to create different styles.

  |3. How long after the videos became successful did you start selling your hijabs?

I began to sell Hoojabs to viewers, by request, about a month after I began to upload onto YouTube.


  |4. Do you have a team that your work with or do you sew the hijabs yourself?

There are currently 8 members of staff on the Pearl Daisy team! No, I don’t sew the hijaabs myself – not enough hours in the day! – some are sewn in house by my multitalented employees and some are outsourced.

|5. You have incredibly loyal customers and fans who have been with you for years and whose numbers are always growing. What is the secret to having such a loyal customer base?

The Pearl Daisy fanpage on Facebook has become, alhamdullilah, a fantastic network of women who have a common interest in fashion, women’s issues, and, most importantly, being a part of a support system.

|6. What other projects are you working on?

I have so many ideas for Pearl Daisy, and, insha’Allah, I hope that it can become the type of company that is inspiring to others, as well as a business success story. I am working on designing clothing and accessories, as well as a few other surprises.

  |7. How do you feel your religion has helped you in your success?

As a Muslim woman, Islam encourages me to contribute positively to society. I hope that young girls and women are able to see that if our intentions are good (in whatever we pursue in life), blessings ensue, by the Mercy of Allah subhaana wa ta’aala.

(left) Amena at Pearl Daisy HQ (right) Amena wearing one of her designs

  |8. Tell us about your life as a Muslim woman in the UK.

I’m a mum, a wife and a business owner. Life is hectic! Alhamdullilah.

|9. What are the most common misconceptions about Muslim women that you would like to be cleared up?

That’s we’re “oppressed”, I find that term misused far too often. Also that we’re somehow “brainwashed”. When I’m accused of being either of those terms, I literally have to chuckle at the irony.

|10.What advice do you give to other Muslim women who are looking to go into similar initiatives. 

Listen: listen to your customers’ suggestions, listen to your employees and listen to your intuition! Don’t compromise your integrity, and, above all, remember that Islam must necessarily influence every part of your life – including the workings within your business. Be fair to your customers, employees, suppliers, manufacturers and fellow traders, even when it might be a little disadvantageous to you, because good dua’s will, insha’Allah, get you far in life, in whichever field you enter.


Such wonderful advice!! Pearl Daisy is really great and I highly recommend all the products. Check out the website here.

You can also check out Amena’s wonderful YouTube channel here.

And the Pearl Daisy Facebook Page.

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  1. great interview, and inspiring for woman out there, muslims or non-muslims even.
    the advice at the end was my favorite part ma’shallah.
    may PD find success and blessings every step of the way in’shallah.

  2. wonderful! yes, i m also inspired by Amena.. masha´Allah, she is doing a great job so far.. best wishes.. 🙂

  3. Haby Diallo Says: January 4, 2012 at 6:57 am

    Masha Allah, I love this woman for her creativity and for her style to deliver wonderful messages for Muslim women’s well being. Allah keep you safe for a so long time insha Allah!

  4. MashAllah…such a well spoken and talanted sister! May Allah SWT always shower his countless blessings and mercy upon you! I pray for u to and ur business to become successful day by day! Ameen x

  5. Amal Alganem Says: January 9, 2012 at 9:08 am

    Good job Amena, good example of a muslim woman. God bless you

  6. Wow. Hijabs and fashion. They do go hand in hand.. No; seriously.

  7. I would really a franchise of pearl.daisy in India …dot know. How to go abt it…

    • MashahALLAH.,……ALLAH protect Amena sister and family from evil. Hey sister Samiya …..Even im from India, which city do you stay?

  8. Fatima (Algeria) Says: January 30, 2014 at 9:40 am

    MashaAllah! You’re inspiring young Muslimahs to wear hijab. I mean like…you can have your own hijab style and fashion as long as it’s modest and covers properly! Your hijab styles are really nice and modest….they’re a great idea!
    May Allah reward you with the highest level in Jannah InshaAllah!
    Best wishes from Ain Sefra Na’ama, Algeria to all my brothers and sisters around the world!

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  10. Thanks very interesting blog!

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