As I mentioned when I first started Mosaic, some women of the past have a lot of information on them while others have very little. While doing my research, I come across many incredible women that have only a few sentences that describe what they did. This is one of them.

Labana of Cordoba was a female Muslim mathematician from Spain who lived during the 10th century. As a mathematician, she could solve some of the most complex geometric and algebraic problems that were known at the time. She was also very well educated in science and literature. These skills got her the position of being employed as the private secretary of the Umayyad Caliph of Spain, Al Hakam II.

I wish we knew more about Labana. She was a genius enough mathematician to be remembered throughout history so it makes you wonder whether she created new equations or what specifically she worked with as a mathematician. Allahu A’lam.






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