Menna Fateen is the enthusiastic 16 year old editor in chief of Muslimah Girl magazine, a magazine for Muslim teens by Muslim teens that Menna started with a few friends and has now grown to 25 writers. It address the hot topics that young Muslimahs are dealing with today. Men hopes one day to write her own novel about being a Muslim girl who has lived in the West and Middle East.

  |1. How did the idea for Muslimah Girl come about?

It all started when my friend and I were really bored one day and desperately wanted to read magazines. Unfortunately for us, we couldn’t find any magazine directed at Muslim girls. So we decided to make our own magazine. We thought it would beat our boredom plus provide other girls with a magazine. All of that was on a phone call, but the idea stayed in my mind; making a magazine would be fun to write and design and would also be a kind of Dawa at the same time.

     |2. How did you get the magazine started?

I consider the first issue as an epic failure even though I thought it was just stunning back then. It was designed on Microsoft Word, I had less than 20 subscribers and last but not least, most of the articles weren’t even mine. But then, I installed professional designing programs and started teaching myself how to use them. It has been a long, bumpy ride!

     |3. Tell us about your team and how you all came together.

The team is around 25 girls. Honestly, 5 of them or something are my friends. But the rest are all subscribers who just liked the magazine and decided to join. (You just complete a form at the site) The MGM team all share their passion for writing, but what’s special is that we don’t live in the same countries and we’ve never seen each other. I think that makes the team very unique.

     |4. How do you feel staying close to your deen has helped you in your magazine and in general?

I feel being close to my deen has helped me gain respect and be dedicated to everything I do, including the magazine. I think it’s like when you’re closer to Allah that He showers his blessings on everything you do, which obviously helps!

     |5. What do you think are the main issues that young Muslimahs have to deal with?

The main issues young Muslimahs have to deal with, in my opinion, are peer pressure and merely trying to be a good Muslim.

February Issue of Muslimah Girl

     |6. In what way do you think Muslimah Girl can help young Muslim girls?

MGM publishes articles that are suitable for young girls to read. Most of the articles try to deal with the problems that face Muslimah girls nowadays. We also care about health and beauty so that our girls can be pretty from the inside and the outside!

      |7. Where do you hope to see your magazine in the future?

I really hope to see the magazine printed and sold worldwide. It is my ultimate dream that every Muslim girl in the world knows about MGM. Inshallah one day it will come true! I’m full of optimism!

     |8. What advice do you give to other young Muslimahs who are also interested in starting their own magazine?

Patience, persistence, dedication, working hard and being organized. If you have these qualities, your magazine will be the best ever. You need to have clear intentions that will help you keep working when times are hard.

     |9. What are you most proud of as a Muslim girl?

I think I’m most proud of being so protected. It makes me feel extra special and so grateful that I’m covered and concealed like a precious and valuable jewel that people can’t have access to.

     |10. What would you like non-Muslims to know about Muslim girls?

I’d like them to know that we’re ordinary teenage girls with the same feelings and ways of thinking. We’re not oppressed. The only difference is that we follow another religion.


You can learn more about the magazine here

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