Al Udar Al Karimah was the mother of Sultan Sayf Al Islam Al Mujahid Ali ibn Al Muayyad Hizbir Al Din Daud, who reigned over Yemen from 1322-1363 (724-765 Hijri). When her son went to war with his army as an ally to Egypt, he placed her as the Vicegerent Queen of Yemen to rule for the 14 months of his absence.

In the 14 months that she was ruler, she made more changes that her son had made in his years of rule so far. She established schools and mosques all throughout the land. Religion and Education were very important to her and she was often referred to as Lordly Lady of Piety and she was the Supreme Political Acumen Patroness of Scholars and Upright Men of Religious Piety. She also established internal security in Yemen and with all the different tribes and she also established justice.

Al Udar Al Karimah would go secretly to the houses of the poor to find out what their needs are and she would give them gifts. She was known for her generous charity. She was known as the Champion of the Poor and Needy

It is not known exactly when she was born or what her age was. We know that she passed away in the year 1360 (762 Hijri).



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