Mariam bint Al Shams was a Yemeni woman who lived about 700 years after hijra. Not much is known about her background except that she built many schools and mosques. She had great intellect and a sound opinion.

One of the schools she built, the Saabiqiyah School, was a Shafi’i school that was considered the best of its kind in the Islamic world. She provided it with an Imam, a mu’adhdin, a superintendent, and a fully trained Shafi’i scholar. The school also housed and provided for orphans and special teachers were provided for them. She also set up many endowments for the school to support it in the various and multiple needs that may arise.

She also established the Mu’izziyah school in Ta’izz and she set up endowments for it’s support as well. The school she established in Dhu’Aqiib was the one that she passed away and was buried in the year 713 Hijri (1313 AD).

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