-About 2.5 million people prayed in Mecca the first day of Ramadan. There were about 28,000 security officers in and around the Grand Mosque and Kabaa to move the crowds and ensure safety for the worshippers.

-The Islamic Calendar is based on the phases of the moon and it is about 11 days shorter than the 365 days of the Gregorian calendar. That is why the dates of Ramadan, Eid, and other holidays/holy days move through the year.

-The majority of Muslims do not live in the Middle East. Of the 1.2 billion Muslims, fewer than 15% of Muslims are Arab. The population of Muslims in India is more than those in Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, and all of the Arabian Peninsula combined. The most populous Muslim country is Indonesia with 184 million Muslims. There are over 22 million Muslims in China. Imagine Mashallah that all those people are taking part in Ramadan.

-Athan never stops around the world. There is not a single moment around the world when athan is not being recited Subhanallah.

-In Muslim majority countries, the time that is highest for car accidents and traffic violations is the hour before iftar, as people are rushing to get last minute things and to get to their iftars.

-Back before mosques had loudspeakers or electricity, people used to know it was time for maghrib/ iftar when they heard the sound of a cannon. The tradition still continues today with countries like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait that still fire blank shots out of cannons to signal iftar times and the time for suhoor and imsak.

-The halal food market is approximately $632 billion or 16% of the global food industry. This already being a significant portion but also take into account the exponential growth rate of Muslims, therefore one can predict that the halal food industry will also grow to meet the needs of this booming population.

-In many Arab countries, it was tradition for there to be someone assigned to beating on a drum and walking in the streets at night to wake people up for suhoor. This tradition is still carried out in some areas.

-The conquest of Mecca and the Battle of Badr both took place in Ramadan.


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