-Abu Bakr Al Razi (or Rhazes as he is known to Europe) (c. 864-925) wrote the first treatise on smallpox and measles and inoculation against these two diseases became common practice in the Muslim world. However, most science textbooks give the credit of the invention of the smallpox vaccine to Edward Jenner (1749-1823).

-Oxbridge students originally used to study books written by Muslims in mathematics, medicine, chemistry and astronomy.

-There are many English words that come from Arabic. Examples are cotton, sofa, algebra, zero, candy, saffron, balcony, alcohol, and rice.

-The camera obscura and pinhole camera were originally discovered by Ibn Al Haitham (965-1040) when he discovered how the eye worked. He was also one of the first to come up with the scientific method.

-Did you know that Imam Bukhari (RA) compiled his collection of 7,275 Ahadith by selection from 600,000? Before writing each Hadith he would make 2 Rakaat nafl prayer.

-The cause of Abu Lahab’s death was the wife of his brother Abbas (RA), Umul-Fadl (RA). On hearing about the defeat of non-Muslims at Badr, he started abusing a Muslim servant, so she took a log and hit him, which caused his skull to crack. He died a few days later because of it.

-Amir ul Mu’mineen Uthman (RA) had given the duty of collecting and compiling the first holy Quran to Zaid Ibn Thabit (RA), who fulfilled it by the help of other companions and of course the help of Allah. Zaid (RA) once said that “By Allah, if they had asked me to move a whole mountain from its place, it would have been easier than the task of compiling the Quran which they ordered me to fulfill.”

-The Prophet  performed only one Hajj in his lifetime

-Adam (AS) was approximately 30 Ziraa tall. Ziraa is a measurement and one Ziraa is approximately half a meter (so basically, he was about 15 meters tall).

-Prominent Kuffar like Abu Jahl would secretly listen to the verses of the Holy Quran because they were fascinated by it.

-The splitting of the Moon was one of the greatest miracles of the Prophet . The leaders of the disbelievers of the Quraish tribe came to him and said, “If you are a Prophet, then split the moon into two parts.”  The Prophet  dearly wanted the people to convert to Islam, especially his close friends and relatives. He prayed, rising up his hands, and the moon split into two equal halves. Each part of the moon was seen above different mountains. The disbelievers said, “Muhammad has performed magic.” They did not accept Islam.

-According to a recent Gallup study, Muslim Americans have the least amount of income disparity between the genders. The Muslim American community also happens to be the most ethnically diverse.


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