The Impact of Our Civilization Articles

  In this blog, I bring in the past with the present because when we learn about who we were as a society and our impact on history, it can help us understand our present and mold our future. Today, instead...

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[9 Ramadan 1433] Some More Interesting Facts Articles

-Abu Bakr Al Razi (or Rhazes as he is known to Europe) (c. 864-925) wrote the first treatise on smallpox and measles and inoculation against these two diseases became common practice in the Muslim world. However, most science textbooks give the...

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[4 Ramadan 1433] Interesting Ramadan Facts Articles

  -About 2.5 million people prayed in Mecca the first day of Ramadan. There were about 28,000 security officers in and around the Grand Mosque and Kabaa to move the crowds and ensure safety for the worshippers. -The Islamic Calendar is...

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Racial Equality in Islam Articles

Probably one of the most wonderful things about Islam is that it’s history is rich with the representation of many races. In Islam, no race ever had to fight for equality. No matter where you go in the world, Muslims of...

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