Hanan Challouki, Co-Founder of MVSLIM- Belgium Now

     | 1. Tell me about yourself and your background I’m 23 years old, a Belgian Muslim, with roots in Morocco since my parents were born there. I recently graduated with a Master in Communication Sciences at the University of...

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Noor Wazwaz, Journalist- Washington, DC Now

     | 1. Tell us a little bit about your background. I’m a 23-year-old Arab American journalist. I’m a Chicago native, but I’m currently living in Washington, D.C. I completed my undergraduate degree in psychology and pre-occupational therapy from the...

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Radwa Rostom, Engineer/ Social Entrepreneur- Cairo, Egypt Now

Radwa Rostom is a young civil engineer who is the founder of “Hand Over”, a social enterprise that works to provide sustainable, resilient and affordable housing units for low-income families in Egypt while empowering local residents and providing training for architecture...

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