Um Haram bint Milhan Then

Um Haram bint Milhan was an Ansari woman (from Madinah) and she was the sister of Um Sulaym, the mother of Anas ibn Malik. She was of the Ansar who embraced Islam before Hijra. Um Haram was first married to Amr...

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Fatima bint Sa’d Al Khayr- Muhaddithah Then

Fatimah bint Sad AlKhayr was a Muhaddithah during the 6th century Hijri. She was born around 520 Hijri to a well-educated family. Her father was a muhaddith, faqih and a very righteous man. Her family was living in Valencia and traveled...

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Fatima of Cordoba Then

A few weeks ago, I discussed the ancient Islamic libraries and how grand they were. I was reading an article that said that many of the scribes who copied the books and library clerks were women. One of these women was...

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Mariam bint Al Shams Then

Mariam bint Al Shams was a Yemeni woman who lived about 700 years after hijra. Not much is known about her background except that she built many schools and mosques. She had great intellect and a sound opinion. One of the...

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Sayyida Nafisa Al Tahira Then

Sayyida Nafisa is the granddaughter of Al Hasan ibn Ali and the great granddaughter of the Prophet ﷺ. She was born in Mecca on the 11th of Rabi Al Awwal and moved to Madinah at the age of five when her...

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Kareemah bint Ahmad Al Marwaziyyah-Muhaddithah Then

Kareemah bint Ahmad al Marwaziyyah was originally from Turkmenistan. She lived during the 5th century Hijri (11th century AD). Kareemah wanted to increase her knowledge and decided to travel to study under some renowned scholars. With her father along as her...

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