Um Mabad Then

Atikah bint Khalid al Khuzaiyah, or Um Mabad, was a strong courageous woman who lived in between Mecca and Medinah in a city called Qubayd. She used to run a small tent or camp on the road that served as a...

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[Then] Nusayba Um Ammarah- Fearless Warrior Then

Nusaybah was an Ansari woman. She was a newlywed when she, her husband, and her sister decided to embrace Islam. They went with a delegation of 72 men and 2 women of the Ansar to meet the Prophet ﷺ at Aqabah in...

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[Then] Asma bint Abi Bakr Then

Asma bint Abi Bakr was born seventeen years before the Prophet ﷺ began his message. She was fifteen years older than her sister Aishah (RA) and was like a mother to her. She is the only one of the Companions that had...

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[Then] Labana of Cordoba- Mathematician Then

As I mentioned when I first started Mosaic, some women of the past have a lot of information on them while others have very little. While doing my research, I come across many incredible women that have only a few sentences...

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[Then] Rufayda Al Aslamiyah Then

When we think of famous nurses throughout history, the first one that comes to mind is Florence Nightingale. However, many years before Florence Nightingale was Rufaydah Al-Aslamiyah, a famous Muslim nurse who established the first mobile hospital. We hear many stories...

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