[Then] Al Shifa Bint Abdullah Then

Al Shifa bint Abdullah is what we would refer to in our time as a successful professional. She was a nurse and medical practitioner, teacher, and later worked in public administration. She also had a great impact on Islamic history as...

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[Then] Fatima bint Al-Khattab Then

Fatima’s story truly shows the empowerment that Islam gives women. Being a strong-minded independent Muslim woman is not a modern concept but one that was present from the very beginning. Fatima was one of the first twelve people to embrace Islam...

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[Then] Al Khansaa- A Poet Then

Al Khansaa is a very famous poetess during the prophetic period and one of the greatest literary figures of all time. Her poems are still being read and studied today in Arabic literature classes. When I told my mom that I...

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