Lalla Fadhma N’Soumer-Algerian Resistance Leader Then

We have seen many heroic female fighters in early Islamic history such as Nusayba and Khowla. It seems that this trend of brave and strong women leaders in battle continued into the nineteenth century with Lalla Fadhma N’Soumer[1] , who fought...

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Noor Wazwaz, Journalist- Washington, DC Now

     | 1. Tell us a little bit about your background. I’m a 23-year-old Arab American journalist. I’m a Chicago native, but I’m currently living in Washington, D.C. I completed my undergraduate degree in psychology and pre-occupational therapy from the...

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Aisha Taymur- Ottoman Era Poet and Feminist Then

Aisha Taymur was an Ottoman era poet and feminist. She was born in Cairo to a Turkish father, who was part of the royal entourage, and Circassian mother. She was interested in learning to read and write, despite her mothers objections...

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